by Bill DeWees on February 19, 2011

I’m a “well seasoned” voice over talent.  Just a nice way of saying that I’m not a “young/hip” voice over talent.  I’m not crazy about getting older.  I can think of a lot of good reasons that I’d like to stay young.  However I’ve finally surrendered to the idea that my reasons for longing for the “good old days” have absolutely no power over the passing of time.

I’m finding that there are actually some advantages of age; the perspective and wisdom that only come with the passing of time, AARP membership discounts (I actually haven’t joined…yet!), and watching your kids grow into outstanding adults (and then have kids of their own!).  It’s been fun to watch my kids grow up and pursue their dreams and just how closely they’ve been tied to my own talents and dreams.  Over the course of my life I’ve been a musician, media personality, record company consultant, educator, and most recently…. a voice over talent.  Parts of myself have now become very evident in each of my 3 kids.  My daughter (my oldest) worked for a few years as a radio promoter in the music business and for the past few years has been my assistant.  I recently produced her voice over demo and she’s become a voice over talent in her own right  ( being signed by agencies in LA and Chicago and recently recording projects for Clear Wireless and Van’s (shoes).  My oldest son is in college and has a beautiful singing voice.  He’s been in countless musical productions since he was a child and I expect one day to see him on Broadway.  My youngest son is the lead singer for “Joliet, ” a band that was recently signed to Red Cord Records and just released their first single this week (

What does this have to with anything, aside from my shameless promotion of my kids?  Sure I’m proud…. but the point here is that our talents, gifts, actions, attitudes, worldview…. all have a profound effect on our kids and the direction of their lives.  This is essentially, our legacy.  I wish that I had, had the wisdom and foresight at age 26 when my first baby was born, to understand the profound impact that my choices would have on my kids. I’m unbelievably humbled by it all.  I wish I could go back and work harder on some of my faults and imperfections.  I wish that I had been more patient, kinder at times, and always more loving.  Unfortunately none of us have that luxury but we do have the opportunity and privilege to support our children and marvel at the new, evolved versions of us that they have become.

The next time you step into your studio and read a script just remember that your every action and attitude is being watched…. and absorbed by the little eyes around the corner.  What will your legacy be?

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