by Bill DeWees on January 15, 2011

The program typically begins with a family desperate to sell their home that’s been on the market far too long.  A real estate expert is brought in to assess the current “sell-abiity” of the home.  After a painful analysis (to the home owners) is given of the home’s present condition.  An expert designer is brought in who then devises a plan to update, freshen up, and otherwise make more marketable the home that has been for sale, for far too long (all, by the way, for under $2000!).  The show always ends with what started out as a tired, out-of-date house, to a hip, fresh, and desirable home that open house visitors can’t wait to put their down payment on.

When it comes to viewing the importance of a properly produced voice over demo we can learn a lot from the experts at HGTV.  Let’s look at the formula.

The real estate and design experts are identifying and fixing several key areas, that once addressed, will greatly increase the marketability of the home in question.

1.  Does the home currently reflect a style that is marketable?  In other words the big floral print wallpaper in the living room will most likely need to be removed and walls painted in a nice neutral color.  The range and refrigerator purchased in 1978 might need to be updated with new stainless steel appliances, etc.

2.  Are the strengths of the home accentuated and negatives minimized?   If the fireplace has been hidden behind a sofa, move the furniture around to make the fireplace the focal point of the room.  Why, :  Because buyers LOVE fireplaces!  The backyard is small?  No worries, simple make the back patio a small out door paradise with a coat of paint, updated patio furniture and state of the art grill.

3.  Are there seemly little things that you’ve just learned to live with that may be a negative to prospective buyers?  Stuff like cracked paint, dirty carpet, scratched wood floors.  Just a little effort in these problem areas can go a long way toward making the house more appealing.

Are you beginning to the see the parallels when it comes to your voice over demo?  It’s ALL about staging!  Your demo stages your talent in a way that causes agents, casting directors, and prospective clients to perceive you as relevant, credible, and capable.  It doesn’t cause you to appear to be something you are not.  It simply takes the best parts and brings them to the forefront in such a way that minimizes the negatives, accentuates the positives, and makes you more marketable.

A final word of warning.  Don’t attempt this feat on your own!  Don’t you think those poor home owners on HGTV would have done all of that cool stuff themselves if they could have?  Sure!  The simple truth is this…..When it comes to our own selves, we lack perspective.  It’s nearly impossible to be objective when it comes to dealing with yourself (Why do you think physiatrists never do their own therapy?).

It’s time to make you sound up-to-date, relevant, and credible in the style(s) that you deliver best.  This is your first and biggest step in getting voice over work.  Your “sell-ability” will dramatically increase  and you will be well on your way to a successful voice over career!

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