by Bill DeWees on January 24, 2011

This past weekend I finally saw the Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial voiced by Ted Williams (the homeless man with the golden voice).  It was great!  Ted did a very nice job and I couldn’t help but feel happy for him as I listened to his excellent work.

I also couldn’t help but wonder if Ted would be able to sustain a substantial income as a voice over artist.  I’m confident that the  commercial he recorded was a union gig paying not only a handsome hourly rate but nice  residuals for the life of the commercial.  But those of us who record voice overs for a living know that getting a great paying voice over gig is a very different thing from building and sustaining a voice over business.

I recently had lunch with a long time voice over artist who has had his fair share of past success, but in the “new economy” has struggled  to make ends meet.  I also recently listened to an interview with a legendary voice over artist, who when asked how much he make, s responded with, “I have made millions of dollars in this business …but it has ebbed…it’s a roller coaster ride is what it is.”

The reality is this….what worked 15, 20, 30 years ago, doesn’t work today.  The economy is different, technology is different, and the business is different.  Getting great paying voice over WORK is great, but sustaining it and building a profitable voice over BUSINESS is better…and a completely different animal.

Building a 6 figure voice over business requires a bit of “blue collar” work ethic and mentality.  It requires constant prospecting of clients to keep a higher volume of work.   It requires excellent customer service to allow you to effectively compete against the multitude of other voice over artists.  And it requires that you keep your skills up-to-date and sharp so you can remain competitive in a highly competitive market place.

In short, it requires a long range outlook and sustained effort.  With the proper mindset and commitment to do what is required, YOU can create a successful voice over BUSINESS that is built to last!

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