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voice over trainingIs voice over training really necessary? I want to answer this question and talk about something very important when it comes to voice over training. Education is my passion. Prior to becoming a voiceover artist, I was a college professor, an MBA instructor. I taught communications to undergrads and business for graduate students.

In addition to that, I worked for an instructional design company and we primarily worked with Fortune 500 companies. We would go into the workplace and create high-performance learning environments to help employees learn the skills that they needed to be successful in their jobs, to learn it faster, more effectively and more efficiently.

Also, I’ve been a media coach working with radio and TV personalities and have trained many, in a number of various areas of media. This had me reflecting on what it takes to have effective voice over training and voice acting training.

Voice Over Training Gets You On The Fast Track

I believe we need to get the foundational information of effective voice over training through different modes. Books, audio programs, videos, and all of that are great, but really they only prepare you for what I have found to be the kind of the capstone thing in your voice over training. The thing that really brings it all together and will really help to launch you into where I believe you want to go. That place is getting into the right environment to learn.

Only Get Voice Over Training From Experienced Voice Over Experts

You want to learn and receive your voice over training and voice talent training alongside somebody who actually has the experience and the skill set that you wish to attain at some point in your career. Think of it almost like an internship of sorts, that’s what an internship is for, it’s to take somebody who’s been studying it in the classroom, put them in the environment so they can observe and more importantly, learn and practice it.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to become a radio professional (voice over training is definitely a good choice). Well, there are certainly some good materials you can study, some good radio and voice coaches who have some good stuff out there. However, I would encourage you to find a successful radio station and to find somebody, a radio dj or voice over radio artist who has attained the skill set that you want.

Once you have identified this person, you want to go sit alongside them learn and observe, but more importantly, let them allow you to do some of the skills or functions at which you wish to excel. Let them give you direct feedback; this will help to quickly put you on the path to where you need to be in terms of gaining skills. I would encourage you to find somebody who you respect, somebody who has achieved the level of success that you want and find a way to be able to work alongside that person. This in my opinion is very effective voice over training.

Because I realize there is nothing like sitting alongside somebody who’s actually doing it, my personal offer to give effective voice over training in Chicago is a Voiceover Fast Track Career programming event.

Personal Voice Over Training In My Home

voice over training with bill deweesI bring some folks who meet some certain qualifications into my home, into my studio, into my office. They actually observe me do what I do on a day to day basis and I give them the A to Z of voice overs and immerse them in a real life voice over business with personal voice over training. Everything from being in the studio and recording, to working with clients, to all the details involved in the business side; I offer this voice over training program so that when they leave they have a firsthand view of what happens.

In addition, I work with these selected individuals to help them to perform and develop their voice over skill set. They receive immediate feedback and helping is always my goal. I want to shorten the path of where you are to where you want to get in the voice over business with practical voice over training.

Voice Over Training Brings Success Faster

I hope you found this voice over training information beneficial. However, like all training, voice over training, is only as effective as you implement the information and knowledge you have obtained. Just remember that voice over training can get you where you want to go, faster and with less costly mistakes and I sincerely want you to get to that successful place in all that you do.

Is Voice Over Training Really Necessary to Establish a Solid Voice Over Business?

Could my voice over business benefit from having some voice over training? Every voice artist will have to answer this question at some point in their voice over career. So, whether you’re a complete beginner looking to begin a new voice over business or perhaps you have been involved in the voice over industry for a little while, this article will help you to determine whether you require some voice over training or not.

Before I answer that question let me tell you that the voice over industry is really booming at this time. Voice actors and voice talent are in more demand today than ever before. More and more businesses are looking to have professional voice over work done for their brands both online and offline. Anyone with the right skillset and desire to succeed could be a perfect contender to win any of the voice over contracts that are offered on the internet or through voice over agents. So, if you are planning on getting into the voice over business, then right now is definitely a very exciting time to do so.

Let’s go back to our discussion about whether or not voice over training is important. This is a very significant question and applies to all types of businesses and the answer can actually be broken into three sections: 1) time to achieve success, 2) confidence and determination and 3) financial position. We should look at these separately to understand them better.

You can setup your voice over business quickly or slowly.
Although there are a few voice over artists who have been able to set up their voice over businesses at a fast pace without any type of voice over training, I have to say that these are few and far between. I am confident that voice over training can definitely help accelerate the time it takes to find good results in your business. Voice over training can be anything from simply studying some articles online about putting together a home recording studio on a tight budget or purchasing an online training course that teaches how to record more effective voiceovers or even attending a seminar or workshop where an individual who has achieved good results is explaining exactly how to get more voice over work. Any of these forms of voice over training can significantly help you succeed in your business quicker.

With the amount of information accessible online nowadays there is absolutely no reason why anyone should be building their business slowly and with no guidance. My only advice on using the web to research free tips is be selective and do not fall into the trap of information overload. This is sometimes the problem with getting free voice over training, its spread across the internet on many different internet sites and usually in no particular order. It’s up to you to study specific voice over training topics only as they apply to your business needs.

The 2nd section is about Confidence.
I am positive you have adequate confidence with regards to sitting in front of a microphone and recording a voice over but that is not what I mean here. What I mean is will you have the confidence in yourself to continue building your business on your own if you faced some of the following setbacks: a) being rejected numerous times at voice over auditions, b) struggling to get frequent voice over work for a prolonged period of time, c) a client isn’t happy with your voice over work and refuses to pay.

Let me tell you right now, that the voice over business is a amazing and profitable business to be in and I would not change my career for any other. However there are days where I am grateful I had a voice over coach who I could speak to when I came across a new obstacle or problem. You may have the confidence to record voiceovers but do you have the confidence and determination to continue without a voice over coach or some voice over training that can help you when you reach certain challenges in your business.

Is It Worthwhile Investing In Voice Over Training?
Finally like any type of training that will help in the pursuit of a worthwhile career, you must look at the financial implications. The way that some people perceive any type of financial outlay for voice over training, in my opinion is incorrect. Let me give you an example. Imagine you’ve just started a new voice over career and are finding it hard to complete your voice over demo. You could easily spend weeks or even months researching bits of information on the web trying to find the best microphone, editing software, vocal techniques etc… or you could take some specific voice over training to help you record a good voice over demo quickly. The voice over training could be priced at as little as $77 or perhaps more or sometimes even less. If by having the training you can move forward in your business, record that voice over demo and start getting voice over work, isn’t it worth the investment? Just think of how many voice over jobs you have not been able to even audition for over the month where you have been trying to work out how to record a good voice demo on your own, surely you’ll let more paid voice over work escape you than any investment you could have made in voiceover training.

Sometimes we perceive financial outlay for voice over training and do not really appreciate its value. I can already hear some of you saying, I cannot afford to invest any money into getting some voice over training and that’s ok too. You just have to accept that it may take you a little longer to get your voice over business up and running and you’ll need to put in the leg work to find free voice over training tips across the web.

So let’s summarise this short discussion on whether voice over training in some form is absolutely necessary to set up a successful voice over business. The simple answer is yes, but it really depends on how quickly you want to start seeing an income from your voice over business, whether or not you have the confidence and determination to overcome business obstacles on your own and whether or not you’re in a financial position to invest in yourself to accelerate your learning curve. I am certain you can succeed in the voice over industry without voice over training, but it will probably take you a lot longer and in my opinion and with the amount of information and voice over training courses available nowadays why would you want to put off getting paid for recording voice overs.

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