by Bill DeWees on February 22, 2012

voice over training chicagoAre you looking for voice over training in Chicago? If you are a voice over talent or voice actor you must develop a marathon runner’s mentality to be successful in the voice over industry. Your voice over business will most likely not succeed if you approach it from a sprinter’s or short term perspective.

So, speaking of voice over training in Chicago; I just signed up for my third Chicago Marathon. People usually have one of two responses to this news… “Cool!” or “Are you nuts?!” It is cool and yes, I probably am a little nuts. My last marathon was 16 years ago so I expect this one to be a bit more of a challenge than the last. Yet, that’s why I’m eager to put on the running shoes and hit the road. I love a good challenge. If you want to have a voice over career, you must feel the same way.

Voice over training Chicago marathon style is just that, it’s consistent voice over training. Running marathons has taught me a lot and many of these lessons can be related back to my voice over business and yours for that matter. The lessons have gone far beyond the technics and strategies of completing a 26.2 mile run. I’ve learned a lot about myself and also some valuable voice over business lessons that have helped in building my voice over career. As a matter of fact, here are 4 things that I’ve learned while running marathons that directly apply to my voice over business.

Voice Over Training In Chicago Tip#1

First, if you follow my voice over training chicago tips, then to be successful in a voice over business you “need a compelling reason”. Great feats, and becoming a successful voice over talent is certainly a feat, aren’t often accomplished on a whim. Few casually decide to go and run a marathon. It’s a major commitment of time and physical energy. The only thing I’ve found to sustain me through the grind, especially those 10, 12, 16 mile training runs, is a compelling reason. Why do you want to become a voice over artist? More time at home? To earn more money? Perhaps it’s the challenge of developing your potential? Whatever the reasons, make sure they will sustain you for the distance.

Voice Over Training In Chicago Tip#2

My second voice over training Chicago tip is: Preparation and voice over training are critical for success. If you attempt to run a marathon without the proper training and gear you will most likely crash and burn. It’s the same for your voice over career, yet many people blindly start a voice over business without any, or adequate voice over training. This approach is a certain recipe for disaster.

Voice Over Training In Chicago Tip#3

Third, you must develop a long-term mentality. Most people don’t run marathons for 1 of 2 reasons. First, they either despise running, or don’t have the patience to endure the daily grind required to succeed. Between the spark of enthusiasm when the decision is made to run a marathon, until the time you cross the finish line and the medal is placed around your neck, is a time filled with the daily discipline of long, lonely, often painful runs. In all honesty, I enjoy the process, but it’s not always easy. I don’t like to run when it’s too hot or too cold, or when it’s raining, or when I’m tired, or when I’d rather watch TV or go the movies, or out to eat, or you can fill in our own vice.

Voice Over Training In Chicago Tip#4

The fourth thing I learned from my voice over training Chicago is you must drink plenty of water. Voice over artists, like marathon runners need to stay hydrated.

Building your voice over business will most likely require a long-term commitment filled with many disappointments punctuated by occasional victories that become more frequent over time.

So, whether you’re looking for voice over training in Chicago or just doing voice over training Chicago style because that’s where you live, make sure you develop these four steps to be successful in voice overs.

Reach The Finish Line With Voice Over Training Chicago

Clearly visualize your compelling reasons to succeed, get proper voice over training Chicago, grab a bottle of Gatorade and get set for the long haul. I look forward to seeing you at the finish line.

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