by Bill DeWees on March 3, 2012

voice over talent jobsI’m frequently asked the question how do I record voice over talent jobs for a living? The answer is really quite simple, but don’t let the simplicity of the answer fool you into thinking that the road to recording voice over talent jobs is an easy one. Its certainly not, however it sure is a heck of a lot of fun!

Before I give you what I believe to be the critical characteristics of a successful voice over artist, I want to dispel a common myth. The myth is that you have to be the best at voice over talent jobs to be successful. This line of thinking is often applied to most any type of endeavor and the thinking is “If I’m not the best, I can’t be successful.” This is completely false. Don’t misunderstand me, incompetency and success are rarely observed in the same person, but the opposite is very often true. It isn’t often that we see highly skilled and talented people that just don’t live up to their potential. My point is simply this if you have desire and commitment, never count yourself out before you start.

If you’re still reading, I’ll assume that you’ll at least consider the possibility of pursing your dream to become a voice over artist and do voice over talent jobs. With that said, I believe there are 5 critical characteristics necessary to do voice over talent jobs for a living. First, there is the question of your ability. How well do you read? Do you have a good grasp of your native language? Are you articulate?

Voice Over Talent Jobs Tip#1

The answers to these questions help you honestly evaluate your abilities. Find someone to help you with this and make sure it’s someone you can trust to give you a professional assessment. If you find that these are areas in which you struggle in your quest to do voice over talent jobs, I would suggest that you begin working with a good voice over coach to help you improve. By taking this step do this you will have committed to develop a plan to make you a more marketable voice over talent.

Voice Over Talent Jobs Tip#2

The second characteristic you need in your development to record voice over talent jobs for a living is to be teachable. If you’re not teachable you won’t progress in any endeavor, whether it be voice overs or something else. Clients, directors, and casting folk like to work with people who follow direction and are teachable.

Voice Over Talent Jobs Tip#3

Another characteristic is having business talent. Voice over talent alone won’t cut it in most instances. The often overlooked aspects of voice over marketing and sales are as vital an ingredient as talent. I don’t care how well you perform, if no one knows about it, you don’t work.

Voice Over Talent Jobs Tip#4

The fourth characteristic to have when recording voice over talent jobs is to have grit. As appealing as the idea of recording voice overs can be, the reality of it all requires a lot of hard work. Talent development, networking, marketing, and customer service are the “trench work” that makes the fun part of the job possible

Voice Over Talent Jobs Tip#5

Lastly, most people don’t have the stamina to survive or to make it through “the dip” (see Seth Godin’s “The Dip”). I’ve run a few marathons and I can tell you from experience that establishing voice over talent jobs as a career is far more relatable to running a marathon than sprinting for 40 yards. You must stay consistent to build up your stamina to get to the point of success in the voice over business.

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These characteristics point out what is takes to you where you want to go in obtaining voice over talent jobs. These voice over talent jobs are out there, but will you commit to do the work required as suggested in these characteristics? I hope you will, because I found if you do, you can have a very fulfilling career in recording voice over talent jobs for a living. Let the marathon begin today!

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