by Bill DeWees on December 31, 2010

The American Express ad advises…”Don’t leave home without it.”  When it comes to your voice over career, the American Express equivalent is your voice over demo.  The recording that highlights your ability, your range, your style(s), ….and ultimately your credibility as a voice over artist.  It’s your calling card.  The audio equivalent of a resume that will in large part determine (aside from custom auditions) whether you get the job (or the agent).

Would you consider climbing Mount Everest without the proper equipment (whatever that might be)?  It will be just as difficult to advance your career up the mountain of voice over success without a good voice over demo.  Consider it your most critical tool for survival, let alone success.  Your voice over demo will be your introduction to agents, casting directors, ad agencies, production companies, and prospective clients of all sorts.

The purpose of this post is to simply impress on you the supreme importance of the voice over demo!

My youngest son is in a band that was just signed (a week ago) to a record label.  Music is more than a casual interest for him.  He doesn’t treat it as a hobby.  He treats it like a career.  The reason his band was able to get attention from record companies?  In large part because of the bands EP (which they also use as a VOICE OVER DEMO).  They hired a guy to produce it who had produced work for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  What they got in the process was a musical representation of the band at it’s best with production value that reflects the current trend of that genre of music.  It puts the band in the best possible light for labels, concert promoters, and anyone else that might be interested in doing business with the band.

Same thing holds true for your over career.  A good voice over demo puts you in the best possible light.  Showcasing your ability and range within the context of currently popular advertising and voice over styles.  Remember it’s usually your first introduction to potential clients and agents……don’t underestimate it’s importance!  Look for someone who has a track record of producing voice over demos that produce results.  At the end of the day, that’s all that matters….results.

The temptation may be to cut corners on your voice over demo and get a “discount” priced producer or even produce it yourself.  This is one area where taking a short cut would be penny wise but pound foolish!

If you are to succeed in the field of recording voice overs, put at the top of your “to-do” list to record a great voice over demo.  It’s your calling card, your prospective clients first impress, and your doorway to good jobs and consistent work.

Don’t leave home without it!

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