by Bill DeWees on February 10, 2012

Did you know getting a voice over coach can help you avoid years of trial and error mistake and really accelerate your voice over business to success.

Firstly, let me congratulate you for deciding to pursue your dream of recording voice overs and for joining the voice overs industry! You’re probably now asking yourself “What’s the best next step to accomplish my voice overs dream?” I’m sure you realize that you need a good voice over coach to help jump start your career and minimize the learning curve. The next question is “What do you look for in a voice over coach?” What qualities make a voice over coach competent enough to be your voice over coach? I will answer this question for you.

voice over coachAs you begin your search, it is important to know that being a good voice over talent does not necessarily make you a good voice over coach. Think of the great sales person from your company that was promoted to sales manager. One doesn’t always translate to the other, sometimes it’s just fine, or can be a total disaster. Additional examples are great ballplayers that become less than great coaches, great radio personalities that were horrendous station managers, and that monster of a grade school teacher that was once the ideal student.

There’s a Voice Over Coach Around Every Corner

There seems to be a voice over coach around every corner and pages of them every time you Google search voice over coach. You need someone that delivers the goods behind the microphone. but also someone that can show you how to do the same. Another critical part of this evaluation is making sure they know how to make you money. The last thing you want is a voice over coach who can no longer make money as a voice over talent. If they cannot do it for themselves, how will they be able to do it for you? In 99% of those cases, they will not. Finding the right voice over coach might feel like an overwhelming task, but I want to give you some important steps to keep in mind that will help you cut through the marketing and hype.

Do You Even Need Voice Over Coaching?

Questions To Ask A Potential Voice Over Coach

There are a few things that I would suggest you consider when shopping for a voice over coach:

The first question you should ask any potential voice over coach is “How much money do they make as a voice over talent?” Note that I said as a voice over talent, not as a voice over coach. Another important question is “Do they know how to build a voice over business in the current business environment?”.

The current voice over business is not like the voice over business of 20 years ago or even like that of last years. This is your voice over career, if you are going to put your trust in someone to help you build your voice over career, you have the right to know how effective they are in building their own voice over business. Learning the necessary skills is half the battle, but you have to know how to grow your business if you have any hope of developing a voice over career. If a person advertises themselves as a voice over coach, they should have no problem sharing with you last years income as a voice over talent.

What Type Of Work Does The Voice Over Coach Do?

Secondly, find out the type of voice over work the voice over coach does. Your goal is to find a voice over coach who has experience in the niche that you are planning to pursue. Whether it is commercials, audio-books, telephone messaging, corporate narration, or movie trailers does your voice over coach know this niche? A very easy way to verify their expertise is to request a resume of recent voice overs. Always be thinking in terms of “How can I most effectively and efficiently achieve my voice over goals?” You want a voice over coach to have experience in your field of interest.

Finding a coach with experience in your field of interest is a powerful way to learn the techniques, tips and tricks to achieve success in the field.

Can Your Voice Over Coach Actually Coach?

You want to research the track record of your voice over coach. While it’s not essential that they have done a lot of voice over coaching because presumably they’re too busy recording voice overs to be doing a lot of teaching. They must be able to point you to several people they have worked with that can attest to their ability as a voice over coach and to contributing to their own success.

You could of course simply go back to figuring it out on your own. You probably will even eventually figure it all out, after more time spent, many extra expenses, and a lot of frustration. However, why go through that pain? Just do the research of how to find the right voice over coach for you. I have outlined the steps you need to take, now just commit and take them. If you do, I know you will choose the voice over coach who is right for you.

Fast Track Your Success With A Voice Over Coach

I’m confident this will put you on the fast track to voice over success. Remember, your goal is find the most efficient way to being a successful voice over artist and recording great voice overs. The way to do that is with a good voice over coach. I wish you all best on your exciting voice over journey and finding the right voice over coach.

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