by Bill DeWees on January 27, 2011

You’d think after recording as many voice over auditions as I have (hundreds, if not thousands) that I’d finally “get it.”  Yet, I have to learn this lesson over and over again….so now I share it with you!

I just received an e-mail from an audio book publisher that has hired me to record my 2nd book audio book for them.  In my original audition the feedback was “Sounds too mechanical.  Needs to relax and sound warmer.”  Funny, I’ve heard that a number of times on my first read through projects…and who knows how many auditions I haven’t won because of this tendency (on auditions you usually DON’T get a 2nd chance)?!?!

The problem?  My tendency when I record a project is to try so hard and focus so intently on “getting it right” that I miss out on what the client actually wants.  Usually, it’s a a warm, friendly, and inviting read.  I”m focusing on stuff like enunciation, pacing/speed,  and the thought of “Gee, I hope they like this.”

The moral of the story?  When it’s time to perform (audition or read the project you’ve been hired to do), it’s time to set aside mechanics, technique, and worries about whether the client likes it or not.  My (and your) primary thoughts should be….Who is my audience, what am I saying, and what is the script trying to accomplish?  And then, just do what I do best…be my friendly, casual, warm, and conversational self!

I’ve heard coaches say in various sports that practice is the time to focus on technique and game time is when you should let your instincts take over.  If you’ve practiced enough and properly, your instincts (and sub-concious) will guide you in performing your best.

That’s a lot more work out there for both you and me.  We just have to relax and do what we do best!

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