by Bill DeWees on February 16, 2011

Much of our greatest success in life (and in our voice over business) comes from following life’s paradoxes that seem counter-intuitive.  Give to get…let go to hold on….die to live (see Mark 8:35)…just for starters.

Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to achieve the things we want to achieve and to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.  The path to our goal often just goes against our human nature.

Take the idea of rest, relaxation, and re-evaluation.  Our inner desire to achieve says…”work, work, work.”  Not necessarily a bad idea.  Hard (and properly focused) work is definitely necessary, but during life’s grind to “get there” (wherever “there” is) it’s sometimes necessary to skip a beat.  Yes, while that inner voice is screaming for your nose to press harder against the grindstone, sometimes you’ve got to stop….pause…..refresh…..and reflect.

I was reminded of this truth once again today in a forum post by a fellow voice over talent.  He was pondering the value of re-evaluation.  I for one, applaud his courage to stand against the inner voice that screams to plow ahead and take stock of where he is and where he wants to go.

Dr. Stephen Covey refers to it as “sharpening the saw.”  If you (for the sake of example) saw logs for a living and are always pressing forward at the expense of occasionally “sharpening your saw, ” your productivity will slowly dwindle, eventually leaving you ineffective and burned out.

Heck, even God took a day off to pause, rest, and enjoy His creation.  In your daily grind of getting to where ever you may be going, I encourage you (and me) to occasionally stop, reflect, and re-evaluate so that we might become more effective in accomplishing what we’ve set out to do!

Do you have a strategy that allows you to take to reflect and re-evaluate?  I’d love to hear it!

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