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Simple voice over marketing can grow your business and help you become an in-demand voice over talent, bring you unlimited voice over jobs and grow your voice over income. So why do so many voice over artists fail to create a voice over marketing strategy. To move your voice over business forward you need a voice over marketing plan. Of course you want to make sure you have the right marketing plan.

Does Your Voice Over Marketing Include These 4 Elements?

In this video, Bill DeWees discusses the 4 elements to incorporate into your voice over marketing to ensure success.

Do you have a voice over marketing plan for your business? Hi, its Bill here and I hope you are getting lots of voice over business today. If you’re not then it’s most likely because you do not have a voice over marketing plan or perhaps the voice over marketing you are doing is not systematic or consistent.

My expertise is in building businesses and voice over marketing. I spent many years working in not only media, but in sales and marketing to help build businesses. I’ve now taken that knowledge and information and applied it to voice over marketing and my voice over business. I can honestly and humbly say that I have built a substantial voice over business.

I understand that sometimes the frustration that you experience when you’re marketing a business is simply because the marketing plan is not right or at the minimum, elements of the plan are not right.

voice over marketingLet’s talk more about the components of effective voice over marketing and how to create a voice over marketing plan. As I do and if you have a plan currently, you should check the components I’m going to give you against the components of your plan. If you do not have a voice over marketing plan or maybe you’re in the process of putting it all together, I believe these components I’m giving you will be very beneficial.

Voice over marketing are relatively simple. There are four things that you need to take into consideration when creating your voice over marketing and business plan.

First Element of Voice Over Marketing

First of all, you need to decide where or who do you want to go after to get your business. To know this, you need to look at the industry. You need to look at what avenues within that industry you want to focus on. Once you’ve identified that, you are going to begin to contact and communicate specifically to these outlets. If you decide to go after the radio imaging industry, you would obviously be marketing and communicating to radio stations or radio groups. You would then specifically contact the people handling imaging within those radio stations and when you call you simply ask who you need to talk to about radio imaging and the best way to reach them.

If you want to do TV promos you call and ask for the creative director or the production director. If you’re looking at video production houses you’re most likely looking for the creative director, okay you get the picture. This component obviously calls for a little research to make sure that you are targeting the right places and the right people. If not and your messages don’t get to the right people then you’re already starting off badly. A clearly created voice over marketing plan can mean the difference between being booked out with voice overs or struggling to find voice over work.

Voice Over Marketing: Second Element

The second element of your voice over marketing plan should be making sure that your message truly conveys what you want them to know. In other words, we know who we’re sending it to, but what are we going to say to them and how are we going to deliver that message? Are we going to deliver it by telephone, by mail, or perhaps email? Well my approach is to do all of those things.

A voice over marketing communication plan should have a built-in component of ongoing regular communication with your prospective client. However, to make sure you are optimizing those communications you should make sure you know the objective of those communications. If you’ve read the old Stephen Covey book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “Begin with the end in mind.” This phrase is imperative to keep in mind, because before you set out to do anything, accomplish anything, you need to know what it is you’re trying to

Let’s say hypothetically, you choose e-mail as your method of communication for your voice over marketing. Determine what you want to accomplish and what would you like your prospect to do? For example, do you want them to listen to your demo; do you want to set up an appointment to talk with them? You need to know the answers to these questions before you draft your email.

For me, in most cases, when I’m doing marketing to my prospective clients, I’m wanting to simply get the go-ahead to direct them or send them my demos. I want to know if they’re accepting them and if so I want to make sure that it’s okay for me to send them for their review. You may not have the same objective, but the key for you is to have identified this objective prior to your correspondence.

Also, this part of your voice over marketing is, regardless of what mode of communication you decide to use, a business communication and you want to make sure your message is professional and direct. In other words, we tend to be creative people on this end of the microphone. Often times the person on the other end of your communication while certainly having creativity, they are also very much about the business side. They want you to get to the point and not have their time wasted.

Be sure to be very up front and state what it is you’re doing; what you are trying to accomplish and as in our example with the email that should all be done in the first paragraph. Also, you want to establish your credibility within your message. If you have credits or perhaps an impressive amount of time that you’ve been in the industry or even the fact that you have a home studio, use these types of things to establish the credibility of yourself within the message.

Third Component of Good Voice Over Marketing

The next component of my voice over marketing plan is to give the right impression. In most cases, the demo will decide if you’re hired. Perhaps it’s an audition, which is also a demo, a custom demo. Do not forget the importance of presenting yourself and your information in a positive, professional way. The e-mail, the letterhead, the way you conduct yourself on the telephone make sure it’s all professional.

For instance with my e-mail, I want to make sure that my signature looks professional. I want to make sure my logo is good. Also in my logo, I may list some credits so that hopefully that helps to increase the positive impression they have of my experience and my professionalism. If you’re using letterhead to send correspondence, you want to make sure that it looks professional. If you’re calling on the telephone, you keep it professional by keeping it brief, succinct, and to the point.

So have the right person, have the right message, make the right impression. The fourth component of the voice over marketing plan is to remain top of mind. If we forget this component then the first three become moot because the issue is competition for attention. People don’t remember you. They don’t remember me. It doesn’t matter how great you are, it doesn’t matter how personable or how talented you are.

The fact is they’ve got a million other things competing for their attention. When that job comes up that you’re good for and you haven’t stayed top of mind, most likely you’re not going to get the job. You cannot stay top of mind unless you have a systematic way of communicating and there are a number of ways to do it.

I always suggest that you have at least six to 12 of what I call voice over marketing touches per year. You need to touch your clients and your prospects at least six preferably closer to 12 times a year. Those touches could be newsletters, telephone calls and all the other ways we discussed earlier in the delivering the right message section of this article. There are multiple ways to do it, but you must have a systematic plan of staying in touch.

Voice Over Marketing – The Fourth Element

So, the four elements to your voice over marketing plan are making sure your get right person, make sure you are delivering the right message, make sure you are giving the right impression and then you must make sure that you remain top of mind by having an ongoing voice over marketing communication plan.

Consistency Is Key In Voice Over Marketing

Your consistent and effective execution of this voice over marketing plan will increase your chances of success and that’s something I want for all of us. Remember, voice over marketing is an on-going and crucial part of your voice over business. The more consistently you do the 4 voice over marketing elements, the more voice over jobs you will get, the more you will be able to charge for your voice overs and the more stable your voice over business will become. For more tips on creating a voice over marketing plan please download my free gift above “Discover 7 Key Secrets To Build A 6-Figure Voice Over Income“.

3 Bonus Voice Over Marketing Tips To Help You

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