Dave Fennoy “The Hulu Guy”
LA-based voice actor and one of America’s premiere voice talents

“There are an ever growing number of VO gurus, ninjas, and seneis, selling their own brands of VO expertise for your hard earned dollars. To many of them offer up very little of value. Bill DeWees is not in that category. I often check VO teachers and coaches just to see what they have to say and because despite 20 plus years in VO there is always something new and of value to learn. I find that what Bill has to share is of great value in growing your VO biz and his genuine desire to help comes thru in everything he does.”

Bruce Lorie

“In the world of voiceovers Bill Dewees is the guy who knows what works, why it works, when it works and most importantly HOW to work it.

I’ve worked with 8 other VO mentors, all of whom added something to my mix, but nothing like Bill.

His is a step by step process that gets VO work. His friendly “I’m in it with you, ” approach along with his easy to follow and apply videos made every day, very clear, what I need to do to find, get and keep VO work.”

Cassie Boyd

“I was very fortunate to stumble upon Bill DeWees’ training at Voice Over Expert!

Even with great agents and living in a large market, I’ve discovered that rules of the game have changed and Bill has the playbook for today’s marketplace.

I look forward to each video posting and the wisdom and motivation it gives me! I can also vouch for the fact that Bill’s tips and techniques work!

My bookings and business acumen have both seen an increase! Thanks Bill! “

Fred Frees

“I cannot sing the praises of Bill DeWees loud enough. Like a lighthouse in the fog, Bill was able to guide me through the murkiest of waters.

His vast experience in marketing and voice over merge together to create very powerful tutorials that not only teach, but make the challenges of the v/o business a reward instead of intimidation.

I can’t recommend him enough. And I urge everyone interested in voice over to experience his website and to take advantage of learning from his extraordinary skill.”

Terry Baddoo

“Bill DeWees offers clear, concise, richly informative, and credible voice over coaching in a highly personable manner. Whether online, via his excellent tutorials, or one-to-one via phone or in person, Bill’s “can do” attitude and “here’s how” expertise is inspirational and confidence-building. Plus, unlike many voice over coaches I’ve encountered, Bill is walking the walk as well as talking the talk as he’s a thriving voiceover artist himself and not just a teacher trading on past glories.

Generous, knowledgeable, and with that Everyman touch so admired in the voice over business today, I wholeheartedly recommend Bill DeWees’ services to voiceover artists, rookie and experienced alike.”

Trevor Jones

“…my VO career didn’t start taking off until I started listening to Bill DeWees and implementing his marketing advice.

I have literally made more money in the last two months doing voice over, than I made all of last year, and the jobs keep coming in.

If you have received voice over training and are ready to actually start making money at it, I HIGHLY recommend you listen to Bill. His free videos are awesome and his Voice Over Playbook is well worth the small investment. He doesn’t give you theory – he gives you step by step instructions on exactly what to do to make your business grow.

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