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voice over acting jobsI get asked a lot about how I get voice over acting jobs and what my work day or my work week looks like. I thought I would break it down for you by talking about the anatomy of a winning work week in recording voice over acting jobs.

Let me give this disclaimer, I’m not extremely comfortable in talking about how much money I make. You might find that surprising being that I promote the whole Six Figure Voice over thing and I have the audio program Six Figure Voice over Secrets.

But I do believe this, if you’re a voice over coach or consultant, I think that you need to be prepared to be pretty transparent and you need to let people know how much money you make if they’re counting on you to help them build their business and get voice over acting jobs.

Voice Over Acting Jobs Income Potential

And I think as a voice over talent, if you’re looking for a voice over coach and you’re doing your due diligence, the first thing that you need to ask a voice over coach is, How much money do you make and how many voice over acting jobs do you record each day or week? And not just today or not just last week but over the past year, over the past couple of years. Because you want to know that they know what they’re doing. You need to know that they have built a sustainable income and that they can teach you to do the same.

That’s why I’m sharing this, because, otherwise what credibility do I really have in trying to help you to do something that I can’t do myself? That being said, I also know it’s a real tricky game to get into because there’s always somebody who’s going to be better than you in whatever field it is that you’re involved in. And there’s always going to be somebody who makes more money than you. That’s a contest and a game you don’t want to get into.

Six Figures With Voice Over Acting Jobs

But if you’re looking to build a business that is sustainable with a steady stream of voice over acting jobs, and a six-figure income, over the long term, it certainly is possible. That’s what this article addresses.

I’m going to break down my income from this past week, day by day, to show exactly what I did. I think there are some important and helpful lessons learned in the model that I use in growing my voice over business.

This past week wasn’t a record breaking week but it was an above average week. I’m going to break it down day by day so that you can get a sense of the number of voice over acting jobs that I do and the variety of types of projects that I record.

5 Voice Over Acting Jobs on Monday

On Monday, I recorded a total of five voice over acting jobs. I’m not going to get into specific clients because a lot of my work is done under the agreement of non-disclosure. By voice over jobs, I really mean five different clients. In other words, I might have recorded a couple of different projects for a client but I really count that as one voice over acting job.

Of the 5 projects I recorded on Monday, three were commercials and two were corporate narrations. The projects on Monday totaled $1, 404. On Tuesday, I recorded five more projects. Two training narrations and 3 commercials. My total for Tuesday was $1, 134. On Wednesday, I increased my number of voice over acting jobs but actually made less money. I recorded seven projects. Three small telephony recordings, 1 commercial and three short training narrations. My total for Wednesday was $466.

On Thursday, I had eight projects. One commercial, 3 corporate narrations, 2 training narrations and 1 telephony recording. On Thursday I made $1, 053. Friday was mayhem. I was busy with 10, count’em 10 projects to record! They were four commercials, five training narrations, and one telephony project. I almost made a thousand dollars, but was short by a buck, $999. So my work last week totaled $5, 056.

Again, not a record breaking week but it was above average week for me, so certainly no complaints. I also worked on an audiobook that I did not include in the total. That will be finished this week and go in this week’s total. I keep all of this information very visible on a whiteboard so that I know exactly where I am at any point of the week. I also keep a spreadsheet of my weekly income so that I have a historical perspective. My knowing what my weekly totals were over the past several years, give me a point of reference. It allows me to see trends. When am I busiest? What times of years tend to be my slower times? Is my income trending up?…or down? (btw it always trends UP!).

So, why do I tell you all of this? What are the takeaways here?

Voice Over Acting Jobs Lessons Learned

You need diversity in regards to voice over acting jobs and clients. You should have a number of clients and you need a number of projects. If you have a voice over agent and you’re counting on that agent to bring you enough voice over work, or you have a handful of clients and you’re counting on them to bring you the work, you’re going to be sitting around doing a lot of waiting.

You have probably heard me talk about my 90/10 rule. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, well this is the Bill DeWees 90/10 rule. When you first start off in the voice over business, be prepared to spend 90% of your time marketing and selling yourself and 10% of your time actually doing voice over acting jobs. But what happens as time goes by and you build your voice over business, that formula begins to invert and flip itself around backwards whereas now, today, I spend about 10% of my time doing marketing and sales work and 90% of my time is recording.

This week, it was way less than 10%. I hardly did any marketing at all just because I had so much voice over work. You need a pretty large book of business, a lot of clients. To put this in perspective, I did an email marketing mailing a couple of weeks ago and my database is almost 500 names. And those 500 names contain clients and prospects that have expressed interest in my services. These are not cold calls, these are people that I have communicated with who either like me and would like to consider doing work with me at some point in the future, or that I have already done work for or that I’m currently doing work with.

I’ve built that warm list of 500 over the past five years and I have about 50 to 60 of what I would call active clients. These are people that I get voice over acting jobs from on a regular basis, some, literally daily. I have a couple of clients that I get work from almost every day. I also have a couple of commercial clients that do a lot of commercials for different radio stations and TV stations all around the country in small and medium markets that I do a high volume of work for as well.

It requires volume. It takes an ongoing marketing effort. Plan on it every day. It’s not a once a week thing, it’s not a once a month thing. Every day, you have to look for ways to move your voice over business forward. You need to be contacting people, staying in touch with current clients and prospects.

You’ll notice that as I went through my list of voice over acting jobs for the week, I recorded commercials, corporate narrations, training narrations, on-hold scripts and I’m working on an audio book as well. So to really build your business into a six figure business, especially if you want to get there relatively quickly, you need to be prepared to do a lot of different kinds of work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is physically no way that you can do this volume of work without an assistant. At least not without working 10-15 hours a day. An assistant can handle your marketing, invoicing, receivables, and general office duties.

Do You Keep A Voice Over Acting Jobs Portfolio

Think of your voice over acting jobs as a portfolio of clients, projects, and work. If you want a sustainable 6-figure voice over income, begin to think in terms of volume of voice over acting jobs. With enough clients, you’ll receive regular work, which translates into on-going income.

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