by Bill DeWees on January 31, 2011

Can a voice over artist learn a thing or two from a teen age singing sensation?  I believe so.  Let me explain . . . .

This morning, while eating my morning bowl of cereal, I caught the Matt Lauer interview with 16 year old Justin Bieber on the Today Show.  It was a promo interview for his upcoming movie “Never Say Never.”

In case you’ve missed the hysteria that is Justin Bieber Fever, he is about the hottest music commodity on the market right now.  Girls cry, swoon, and nearly (if not actually) faint in his presence.  This kid is truly a pop music sensation.

His new movie chronicles the work, trials, and tribulations that have preceded his rise to mega-stardom.  As I watched the interview I couldn’t help but admire this kid who seems to have cracked the code to enter the circle of the pop culture elite.

I also couldn’t help but think there are some important lessons to be learned from Mr. Beiber by those of us who are voice over artists.

Lesson #1:  “Over night success” rarely ever is.  While he is very young and was seemingly catapulted to instant popularity and success, the reality is that this kid has been working hard developing his skills and promoting himself for years.  He was recording and putting his material on YouTube long before he was a household name.

Lesson #2:  Hard work pays.  But keep in mind the RIGHT KIND of hard work pays.  We all know people who work incredibly hard and have very little to show for it.  Justin focused on the right kind of activities.  While it’s impossible to know everything he’s been working on, it’s obvious by his multi-instrument talents, dance moves, and skilled voice that he’s been working hard on his craft with some expert direction.

Lesson #3:  Promotion/Marketing is the name of the game.  Justin has toured tirelessly to media outlets to promote his music.  Early on he was making radio appearances and playing his music for very small audiences.  His persistance in promoting himself online and in the media has grown those small gatherings into stadium filled crowds.

Lesson #4:  He’s still having fun!  People who excel in their field typically have a love of their work that is infectious to those around them.  By the smile on his face and the enthusiasm he exudes, you can tell Justin LOVES singing, dancing, playing…and yes, promoting!

Take a page out of this 16 year old’s playbook.  Channel your passion of voice over into hard work, proper training, and lots of promotional activity.  I may never see you on the Today Show interviewed by Matt Lauer but I might just soon hear you during a commercial break!

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