by Bill DeWees on December 28, 2010

I received a call tonight from a childhood friend.  As a matter of fact, one of my very best childhood friends.  Our parents were good friends which means we visited each others homes often and have enough memories and stories to fill volumes.  What made this phone call so special was that just a few hours earlier I had learned that he had been life flighted to Ohio State University Hospital due to some heart complications.  He’s on the heart transplant waiting list.  My stomach had been in knots, hoping and praying for the best for my friend.  To receive his call and hear his voice, though weak, crack a joke about new year’s day being the only holiday he has yet to spend in the hospital, brought a sense of relief and a smile to my face.

In that instant my priorities automatically realigned.  I knew what was supremely important and what was simply life’s “filler material.”  People, relationships, mission, passion, purpose…when everything else disappears and falls apart, these are the things that are worth holding onto and fighting for.  Maybe like me you’ve spent too much time “playing it safe.”  Safe in your relationships, safe in your career….safe in everyday decisions.  When my time on earth expires, I hope that I can look back and know that I held nothing back, gave it my all, and did the very best I was capable of, not allowing fear or “what if?” to hold me back.

I once heard someone say, “Our talents and abilities are God’s gift to us.  Using those talents and abilities is our gift to God.”  I think there’s a lot of truth to that statement.  Whatever your purpose, passion, and/or mission, may you find fulfillment, satisfaction, and a smile from God as you pursue it with your whole being!

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