by Bill DeWees on January 18, 2011

I am not what I do….I am not what I do….I am not…uuuhm, er…uh, excuse me.  You caught me repeating my new mantra.  Well, we aren’t what we do…right?  I’ve heard it said that “we do what we are.”  I buy that!  The tough part is not allowing what I do to define my personhood.  Easier said than done…especially as it relates to a career as a voice over artist.

At lunch yesterday my wife told me, in so many words, that I needed to “get a life.”  Funny, I had been thinking exactly the same thing!  What follows is a self-imposed “intervention” of sorts.  I write this, not as an expert on home/life balance, but rather as a highly motivated, self-employed individual that has brief moments of life-balance success, followed by longer periods of a frenzied work schedule.

Okay…let me review what I already know:

Make a physical work space separate from my living space to minimize work “encroachment.”  Check…except for this darn iPhone that I carry with me that is a constant reminder of urgent client requests and looming deadlines.  Perhaps turning the e-mail notification sound off after 5pm will be a good start.

Create client boundaries.  I’m working on this one.  I pride myself on great customer service and fast turn-around (hey, it’s a market differentiator after all!) so it’s really difficult for me to say that I’ll “get to it tomorrow” (rather than in the next 60 minutes).

Stop working at a designated time and don’t obsessively check e-mail through the evening (see 1st point above).

The truth is I really love to work.  And I feel very fortunate to have a full-plate of voice over projects most every day.  As part of this online therapy I think I need to be honest and say that I get a rush every time my e-mail notifier let’s out it’s oh so familiar sound.  I know that there’s a good chance that’s it’s a new job or a new client to affirm my choice of voice over talent as a career!

While I’m being honest, I guess I should also admit that I also have control issues.  Yep…there, I said it!  If I’m not staying near my studio at all times, ready to record at the sound of my next e-mail…maybe the work will stop coming it.  As if I could actually, through my incredible mental powers, will it into existence.  I think making more cold calls and sending out more auditions is probably the best remedy for that!

Having identified my problem (notice I didn’t say “problems” as neither you or I have the time to go there!) I hereby resolve the following:

To get out of the house for lunch at least once or twice a week.  My guess is that the work that slips into my inbox between 12p and 1p will most likely keep a few minutes until I return.

Start scheduling some quality time with friends outside of my house.  I’m beginning to see a trend with the need to get out of the house.

Refuse to check e-mail during family times like meals, movies, or misc. gatherings.

OK…that’s enough for now.  I’m exhausted just thinking about relaxing from work a little bit.  I think this is enough to get me started and perhaps a few months from now I’ll report on my progress.   Hopefully, I will have found a life 🙂

How do you find work/life balance?

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