by Bill DeWees on June 5, 2011

Voiceover Training

voiceover trainingWhen it comes to excelling in any endeavor, it’s all about mastering the fundamentals. Voiceover training can help. Oftentimes we want to move on to the more “glamorous” aspects of the business. The stuff we perceive to be more fun and exciting. But when it comes right down to it, we must know, understand and be able to execute the fundamentals.

Let’s start at square one in your voice over business, which is voiceover training. Proper voice over training is critical to your success! There are no shortcuts.

Quick Voiceover Training Tip

One of the things you will quickly learn with any type of voiceover training is that you can’t market yourself effectively until you have a great demo (and hopefully great website as well). And you cannot record a great demo until you have been properly trained. When I decided to launch out, almost 5 years ago, into my own voice over business, the first thing that I did was to find a good voice over coach. I had been working behind the microphone in the radio business for almost 25 years, but I realized that the radio business and voice over business (and the skills needed to excel) were 2 totally different animals. I realized that to succeed, I needed the right information, understanding, and skills.

My golf game is a great analogy. I’ve played for almost 40 years, and have been an average player, at best, for most of that time. Most of what I learned up until about 10 years ago was self taught, read about in magazines, or unsolicited advice from other “golfers.” Nothing really changed. I stayed at the same level of play…..and frustration! 10 years ago, I took a very short lesson from a teaching pro. Over the course of about 15 minutes, he evaluated my swing, gave me instruction, and offered feedback as I begin to implement his suggestions in my practice shots. Immediately following that brief lesson, I played 18 holes. The result? 12 strokes off of my average score and an additional 20 yards distance on my drives! I was sold on the importance of good training and wondered why I had waited 30 years to get it!

Great voiceover training leads to great voice over talent

The best talent in any field rely on the service of great coaches. Are you ready to get voice over training from a voice over coach? Good! Here’s what I suggest you look for:

  • Are they a good talent? (Have they performed credible work, have agents in major markets, etc.?)
  • How much money do they make? (As a voice talent, NOT voice over coach!) Plenty of talented people can’t make a living at this. Make sure you find someone who can show you how to monetize your talent.
  • Can they teach? Being a good practitioner does not mean you can effectively convey and teach that to someone else.
  • Who is their coach? You’re either growing or dying. Moving forward or backward. Make sure your coach is actively growing and moving forward, not trying to fill the financial void of a failing voice over business.

Coaching, learning, growth is not an event….it’s a way of life. As I just mentioned, you are either moving forward or backward. Good voiceover training and coaching will ensure that you not only get your voice over business off to a good start but that you continue to grow and succeed in this dynamic business!

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Bill's website provides valuable voice over training including techniques to record better voice overs, strategies to close more voice over jobs and step by step methods to build a voice over career and business.

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