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I’m often asked if I enjoy doing my voice over jobs from home. My answer is I love doing my voice over jobs from home. One of the very next questions that I’m asked when it comes to voice over jobs from home is where do I get the work, where do I find the clients?

The truth is clients will not be lining up at your door regardless of your talent level, how much time you take to prepare, how well-trained you are or even because of your great equipment. Unfortunately, obtaining clients, getting jobs in the voice over business or in most any business just does work that way, espcially voice over jobs from home.

Finding Voice Over Jobs From Home

The reality is my job is only about 50% actual voice over jobs from home. The other half of my job, the other 50%, is actually going out and finding the voice over jobs through marketing, promotions and sales.

Do You Have What It Takes To Do Voice Over Jobs From Home?

So, if you are someone at the place of just now considering doing voice over work fulltime and you’re not ready to commit to doing that or learning that, you might want to consider a nine-to-five job. Why am I so to the point? Well, honestly it really takes somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit and a business mind to be successful doing voice over jobs from home or wherever you plan to take this career on.

voice over jobs from homeNext, let’s discuss clients and how to begin to build your income as you do voice over jobs from home. As you begin your journey, your location isn’t necessarily critical so doing your voice over jobs from home is a totally acceptable and obviously one that I personally choose. My approach is to create as many streams of income from as many different areas as I can. I like to think of it in the same way a mutual fund works.

All of my clients and the areas in which I get my clients are kind of like a portfolio that I manage. There is a statistic that says the average business loses about 10% of their clients in attrition every year.

If we go with that statistic and you lose a client, when you only have two clients to begin with that’s going to be a big ding on your income. However, if you have 50 clients and you lose a client, then the impact of that loss is less likely to your harm your financial bottom-line.

By the way, in case you are wondering, yes this has happened to me. I’ve lost several large clients along the way who decided for one reason or another they no longer needed voice over work. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then congratulations, but you need to be prepared that it eventually will. However, if you continue to build your client lists as I have suggested and use the different areas available in the voice over business to do it, then you’re certainly less likely to feel a negative impact to your income.

What are these different areas or niches available to you as build your voice over jobs from home? I probably won’t hit all of them, but here are a lot of the different niches of voice over work: audio books, commercials, movie trailers, promos, radio imaging, it seems like everybody has a YouTube that they want to have narrated, there are numerous telephone systems in need of voice messaging and instructions.

As you can see, there are many areas in which you can become involved in voice over work and I would encourage you to explore them all to try to determine in which of these areas you excel. Naturally, the longer you are involved, the more you’ll find that there are some things that you’re better at than others and you will find yourself moving towards those at which you excel and away from some of the others.

As we continue to discuss building income, you may assume that if you hire a voice over agent that you won’t need to do the work of finding clients. If so, you need change that thinking as it doesn’t actually work that way. While an agent can be a source of income, you cannot expect any voice over agent to get you enough work to take care of you and your family, that’s your job. Personally, I have 14 agents in the U.S., Canada and Europe and if I lost all my agents tomorrow, it would barely impact my income.

Get Voice Over Jobs From Home Using Pay To Play Sites

Another option is the pay to play sites. You may have heard of Voice123 or and it seems like every other week there’s a new one popping up. These sites are where you typically pay an annual fee and you are then supplied with auditions. Interestingly enough, it seems that agents actually do cast voice over talent through these pay to play sites. As a side note, if you are getting work through avenues like, you should be aware that you may see the same script coming through several different sites. This isn’t a problem, that’s just how it works at times.

An additional avenue is a commercial production company. These are companies that are out there that primarily produce radio commercials. There are some that specialize in television commercials and a few that do both. Also, there are video production companies out there that do everything from corporate videos/training videos to television commercials.

These video production houses are one stop shops and as such, they can be a great source for you to obtain work. Where can you find these video production companies? As a matter of fact, one giant source is Mandy’s List, It is probably the most comprehensive directory of video production companies in the world.

I suggest you simply start looking up companies and their websites, getting contact information, making phone calls, and asking if they’re accepting demos from voice over artists. As a voice over artist who is doing voice over jobs from home, you want to have some clients that you work directly with instead of working through an agent or through a pay to play site or even through a production company.

Cold Calling For Voice Over Jobs From Home

This leads us into cold calling, which is probably one of the most uncomfortable ways for most of us to have to use. Let me encourage you with my positive experiences in cold calling when doing my voice over jobs from home. I have done quite a bit and I have been really shocked at the positive response that I’ve received. I cannot remember any negative or rude responses as I have made these calls.

I am on occasion told that they are not accepting new demos right now or at the worst we’ll keep it on file. However, most the time I am told to please submit my demo. Of course, you must realize most of the people you contact will not be where you get your work. It’s a sales game, you fill your sales funnel with lots of possibilities and occasionally a few of them drop out through the bottom of the funnel and that’s where you gain some work.

One of the goals of cold calling, while doing voice over jobs from home, is to get listed on as many sites as possible. So, every time I find a TV production company or a radio production company that lists voice talent on the web, I always contact them and ask to submit my voice over demo. As a matter of fact, I’m listed places than I could tell you right now. What I can tell you is I have anywhere from 60 to 70 clients that I get work from on some on a very frequent basis. Think in terms of getting lots of activity, you want to get your demo into the hands of as many people as possible; you want to be listed on as many rosters as possible.

Another way to do cold calling while doing your voice over jobs from home is something I’ve used with great success over the last several years. I find potential clients when I Google terms like voice roster, voice talent, or voice lineup. I currently have about as much business as I can currently handle. However, I still do this on occasion to make sure that nothing slips through my fingers or that a new company hasn’t popped up that I want to contact.

Voice Over Work From Home Using Craigslist

Another cold calling avenue that has been surprisingly effective has been my use of Craigslist. Yes, I said Craigslist. For reasons that I won’t go into right now, I’ve actually gotten national work from Craigslist. Now keep in mind, again, it’s like mining for gold. You’re not going to go into Craigslist every day and find great gigs. You may go for days, weeks, or months without picking up work there, but some of my best clients are clients that I have found through Craigslist. They give me regular voice over jobs from home that pays me well and have become a staple of my voice over business.

Let me restate, I love doing my voice over work from home and if you stay focused on that other 50% of the job I’ve laid out here, I think you will love doing voice over jobs from home too. I hope you find what I said is helpful.

Are You Getting Enough Voice Over Jobs From Home?

Getting enough voice over jobs from home isn’t always easy, but if you follow the plan, it is simple it’s just not easy. You have to constantly look for new prospective clients. You have to contact them through either telephone, email, postcards or both. Finally, you have to submit your demo as much as possible and you have to be vigilant, always looking for opportunities. I wish you great success in all your voice over endeavors.

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