by Bill DeWees on February 10, 2011

As a voice over talent, you have to use every tool available to build your voice over business!  Nobody said having your own business was going to be easy.  It’s certainly not easy, but on the other hand it really isn’t all that complicated.  It boils down to becoming very good and consistent at relatively few tasks.

For a moment, I want you to think of presenting yourself to a prospective client as applying and interviewing for a job.  In essence, it’s pretty much the same thing except in most cases, as a voice over talent, you will not be sitting face to face with your prospective client.  You will be communicating in most cases via e-mail, a form via a website, or sometimes by telephone.  Your first challenge is to think like a job seeker.  If you were interviewing for a job, what would you use to your self?  Most likely….#1 your resume and #2 your appearance and presentation.  In essence, you want to exude credibility to build confidence in your ability to do the job…..making you the only obvious choice!  Keep your job seeker thinking cap on for must a moment longer.  Now, as a voice over talent, what do you think will help you build your credibility, ultimately building confidence in your prospective client?  Here is how I would rank them…..

#1  Your demo.  Your demo is your calling card.  It more than anything else you can do or say will demonstrate your ability.  In most cases, the person listening will decide in a matter of seconds whether you are worth their time (and the job).

#2  Your website.  Most prospective clients that I deal with want to be directed to my website to hear my demos rather than have an mp3 e-mailed to them.  Make sure your website communicates that you are professional, experienced, and capable.  A few suggestions….make your demos easily accessible, have some of your higher profile clients listed, make sure the graphics and design look current and professional, and testimonials can be a good touch as well.   Here’s my voice over website

#3  Your credits.  Your credits are your clients, both past and present.  This will be a work in progress and you only want to mention or display clients that your prospect will know and respect.  BTW, this doesn’t have to a national ad campaign.  My credits include Microsoft, National Geographic, Dell, Toys ‘R Us, Simon & Schuster, Lowe’s, and Sears and NONE of these projects were broadcast ad campaigns.  The mention of higher profile clients will help to reassure your prospective client that they will be in good company by hiring your voice over services!  Don’t have any high profile clients yet?  No worries…you will!   Just be patient and make everything else you do and communicate exude credibility.  Your credits will simply be the icing on the cake.  I like to include YouTube links in e-mails to prospective clients that help to build my case.  Here are the 2 big credibility builders that I’m currently using…

Ad for American Express Open iPhone app  Bill DeWees American Express Voice Over

2011 SAG Awards “People Mag/EIF” promo  Bill DeWees 2011 SAG Awards promo

People like to be assured they are choosing wisely.  By establishing your credibility through your demo, website and credits you will make it easy for your prospect to hire YOU for the voice over job!

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