by Bill DeWees on February 23, 2011

Being successful in business…yes, even the voice over business…requires developing the “marketing mindset.” I have been talking about and preaching the “marketing mindset” for years. First as a radio program director coaching on-air talent, then as a marketing instructor in an MBA program, and now to you as you build your voice over business.

As human beings, it’s all too often our natural instinct to think of ourselves first. Even if we don’t realize it at the time, we’re often making decisions based on what’s in it for us or what will I gain from this. In business (as in relationships) the only way to grow is to think of the needs of the other before your own. Within your voice over business it means asking questions like…

“What do my clients need?”
“What are my clients greatest problems?”
“What keeps my clients awake at night?”

I was reminded of this important concept again today while corresponding with a prospective client. He was asking about my rates but I was also trying to think of ways to differentiate myself the thousands of other voice talent. I then remembered how on a number of occasions clients have thanked me for always delivering my work on time. I’ve been told how common it is for voice over talent to “flake out” and miss deadlines or disappear entirely from a project! That one is difficult for me to imagine but it is the one my clients consistently tell me they value.

To be successful we must be problem solvers. We also must learn to incorporate our problem solving ability into our communication with our clients and prospects. Remember, always think of things from their viewpoint….the “marketing mindset.”

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