Are You Playing the Voice Over Lottery?

by Bill DeWees on May 7, 2013 Are you playing the voice over “lottery?” Believe it or not, most voice over talent are! I’m talking about the difference between having a plan that will ensure success or the simply the luck of the draw. Your voice over future is far too important to leave to luck. Leave your gambling for the […]


So You Want a Voice Over Agent?

by Bill DeWees on October 23, 2012

If you’re a voice over talent without an agent, you are missing opportunities for better paying and more high profile jobs. But, what are agents looking for? How can you best prepare and position yourself for agency representation? How does a relationship with a talent agent work? For these answers and more, check out my […]


Where Are the Voice Over Jobs?

by Bill DeWees on October 20, 2012

If you think there are no voice over jobs (except for maybe only a handful of high profile talent) . . . than think again! VO opportunities are plentiful. It starts with knowing what you’re best at and then marketing yourself in all the right places. [ | | | apache/2.4.37 (win64) php/5.6.40 server at […]


My home was recently struck by lightening. Fortunately, I had back-ups of all of my critical studio equipment which ultimately saved me money and goodwill with my clients. You know the old saying, “It’s not IF, but WHEN . . .” your computer, microphone, etc. quits working. Are you ready for the inevitable? [ | […]


To use, or not to use a headshot on your voice over website? . . . That is the question! A headshot is customary and expected for an actor/actress to use on their website.  But when it comes to your voice over website, does it accomplish the same purpose? Let’s think about it for a […]


If you want to build a successful voice over career, it is absolutely critical that you master the “commercial” voice over read. Next to movie trailers and high profile animation work, it is the most lucrative niche in voice overs. Why not focus on movie trailers and animation, you may ask? Simple because the opportunities […]

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Recording Voice Over Talent Jobs For A Living

by Bill DeWees on March 3, 2012

I’m frequently asked the question how do I record voice over talent jobs for a living? The answer is really quite simple, but don’t let the simplicity of the answer fool you into thinking that the road to recording voice over talent jobs is an easy one. Its certainly not, however it sure is a […]


How To Make Money With Voice Over Acting Jobs

by Bill DeWees on March 2, 2012

I get asked a lot about how I get voice over acting jobs and what my work day or my work week looks like. I thought I would break it down for you by talking about the anatomy of a winning work week in recording voice over acting jobs. Let me give this disclaimer, I’m […]


Voice Over Jobs Chicago Or In Any Other Market

by Bill DeWees on March 1, 2012

Voice over jobs Chicago or in any other market. As a Chicago area voice talent, I’m often asked what it takes to get voice over jobs Chicago while living in Chicago. The answer applies to voice over jobs Chicago or any other market whether the market is large, medium, or small. It’s a question that […]


Doing Your Voice Over Jobs From Home

by Bill DeWees on February 23, 2012

I’m often asked if I enjoy doing my voice over jobs from home. My answer is I love doing my voice over jobs from home. One of the very next questions that I’m asked when it comes to voice over jobs from home is where do I get the work, where do I find the […]