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What Others Are Saying About Our Voice Over Training

Bruce Lorie

"In the world of voice overs Bill Dewees is the guy who knows what works, why it works, when it works and most importantly HOW to work it.

I’ve worked with 8 other voice over mentors, all of whom added something to my mix, but nothing like Bill..."

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Cassie Boyd

"I was very fortunate to stumble upon Bill DeWees' training at Voice Over Expert!

Even with great agents and living in a large market, I've discovered that rules of the game have changed and Bill has the playbook for today's marketplace..."

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Fred Frees

"I cannot sing the praises of Bill DeWees loud enough. Like a lighthouse in the fog, Bill was able to guide me through the murkiest of waters.

His vast experience in marketing and voice over merge together to create very powerful..."

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Terry Baddoo

"Bill DeWees offers clear, concise, richly informative, and credible voice over coaching in a highly personable manner. Whether online, via his excellent tutorials, or one-to-one via phone or in person, Bill's "can do" attitude and "here's how" expertise is...."

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Trevor Jones

"...my VO career didn't start taking off until I started listening to Bill DeWees and implementing his marketing advice.

I have literally made more money in the last two months doing voice over, than I made all of last year..."

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Can Voice Over Training Help Me Build A Career In Voice Overs?

Whether you are recording effective voice overs, looking for voice over training and coaching or in need of a personal voice over coach to help start a that successful voice over business and launch your voice over career, you'll find relevant and timely information at Voice Over Training that will help you get more voice over jobs and take your voice over talent (and career) to the next level.

Why Voice Over Training Can Help You Record Better Voice Overs

Many budding voice over artists often wonder whether they need voice over training or whether they can just start in the voice over business. Thats a very interesting question and here's why voice over training may help you succeed faster.

Voice Over Training is like Climbing a Mountain

Starting a voice over career or business needs planning and some form of voice over training. Let's me share why I believe this. Say you were planning to climb a mountain, would you simply put on your sneakers, grab a backpack and head for the hills? Certainly not! First, you would decide which mountain to climb. Where is it located? How high is it? What are the physical requirements and skills needed to ensure that you successfully make it to the top? In the voice overs business you need to decide which area of voice overs you want to find voice over jobs in and look at many other factors.

voice over training coachContinuing our mountain climbing analogy the next you would physically prepare for the climb. Your preparation would most likely require a carefully planned diet, running to build endurance, and a specialized weight training programming to build strength. This is the same as getting some voice over training to help prepare for your voice over career, however you'd be preparing things like your voice over demo, contacting voice over agents, preparing a voice over marketing plan and so on.

Now what voice over equipment will you need? Well lets refer back to mountain climbing. After you were physically prepared, you would then need to research and purchase the proper equipment for your daring ascent. You certainly wouldn't want to be caught thousands of feet off the ground without the gear to support you. In the voice over business, you'll need the proper microphone, computer, software and other basic voice overs equipment to do effective record voice overs and deliver voice over jobs to a high standard.

And finally,....and perhaps most importantly, you would train in the proper techniques and strategies. Then you'd practice those techniques over and over so they could be executed on your climb correctly and instinctively. I hope you can see how starting a career in voice overs or for that matter climbing a mountain is very risky without first doing some research, planning effectively, getting the right tools and of course getting some voice over training or coaching from someone who has already achieved what you are trying to achieve.

Anything less would be, well....downright dangerous, crazy and frustrating, right?

Voice Over Training Can Help You Find More Voice Over Jobs

As obvious as it seems in the illustration of mountain climbing, many naively pursue a career in voice overs without the proper preparation, equipment, or voice over training. Maybe that's why most never make a living in the voice over business, let alone a six figure voice over income!

Voice over training can help you develop your voice talent and help you achieve your goals (and win those lucrative voice over jobs) in the competitive voice over business.

Voice Over Training with Bill DeWees is your guide on the voice over journey. Someone who's been there, is currently doing that, and can use his extensive training and teaching experience to help you do the same.

Why Voice Over Training with Voice Over Coach Bill DeWees?

voice over trainingGoing back to our mountain climbing analogy....if you were setting out to climb, let's say Mount Everest, would you choose a coach who knew about climbing Mount Everest or one that had actually climbed it? Would you want your guide to be someone who did it "back in the day" or someone who is doing it today....in today's environment and under today's specific conditions and circumstances?

Bill DeWees is a thriving voice over artist today, that generates a consistent 6-figure income from his voice over work (not from his voice over training business or as a voice over coach!). He is in great demand, recording effective voice overs, commercials, narrations, audio books, and other misc. voiceover projects for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to local and regional organizations. In addition to his work in voice overs, he is a former media coach, college professor, and instructional design executive who understands how to teach and train for high performance results.

A Voice Over Training Free Gift To Start Your Voice Over Business

To help you get started on the next step in your voice over journey, I have put together a free gift for you. It's an audio recording of the 7 key secrets that can help you build a 6-figure voice over income. You'll get free instant access by simply entering your name & email address in the box above. Free Voice Over Training Gift.

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