Bill DeWees is a high performance talent and business coach. As a seasoned voice over talent, media personality, educator, and marketer, he has successfully mentored hundreds of students in all aspects of media and business.

Microsoft, Warner Bros., Hyatt, National Geographic, Sears, Whirlpool, and American Express are among Bill’s thousands of voice over credits. His approach to voice over training is unique in the industry in that the focus is bottom line oriented. If you’re not making money, you don’t have a voice over business.

His passion is to equip, educate, and inspire voice over talent to build a sustainable 6-figure income.

How Bill Started Out

Bill DeWees began dreaming about working behind the microphone when he was just 12 years old. His first recordings originated from his bedroom and were recorded into a cassette recorder “borrowed” from his little sister.

Bill’s passion for broadcasting followed him to college where he studied communication and helped to start the school’s first radio station. After graduation, he officially began his media career by working at a radio station in Columbus, Ohio where he was quickly promoted to Program Director, and soon after, increased the stations listening audience by almost 500%!

As a program director, Bill mentored and trained radio personalities and found his passion for helping others succeed. In 1991, Bill, his wife Vickie, and their 2 children moved to the Chicago area where Bill served as a professor of communication at a local University, while also managing the University’s radio station (and hosting the station’s morning show). Over the next few years, the radio station experienced signicant growth in audience as well as over 400% increase in revenue.

Bill’s career also includes work as an MBA instructor, radio consultant, marketing consultant in the music industry, and . . believe it or not . . . musician!

In 2006, Bill was downsized from his corporate job as a VP of a corporate learning services company which consulted with Fortune 500 companies in creating high performance learning/training environments for their employees. It was at that time he followed a long-time dream of becoming a voice over talent. Within 12 months, Bill was generating over $ 2, 000 a week from his voice over work.

Education, training, communication, business, and performance are what Bill knows best . . . and loves to share with others!

Bill’s mission is to help others develop the performance and business skills necessary to become successful in their own voice over business.

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